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Rocken with the Jannen for Build on a Rock

SLIEDRECHT – Eventhough less people attended than was expected, Jan Pak de Leuning and the Balcony Players rocked together  a sum of 1000 euros at this charity concert for Build on a Rock, on the 9th of April.It was a happy, musical and funny happening with a great audience present.

Biuld on a Rock was founded in 2006 by youngsters from around the area of Rotterdam and supports small scale development projects. The focus now lies on building a school in !Xere, Botswana for the San people. In September of 2010, 20 volunteers from Build on a Rock will go to !Xere to help with the construction of the school.  

By Margreet Strijker

Regardt Krüger, initiator of the concert and chairman of Build on a Rock had been glooming the entire evening. He asked ‘het Kompas’ to mention that the great atmosphere was due to the ‘Lockhorst’ and the great personnel. ‘They have been terrific in working together with us. And thanks to their support, we barely had any costs’. When he participated in the Kabouter Plopdans with the children and under direction of Jandre, the mood of JpdL could no longer be pressed. 

The Balcony Players, once started by making music on the balcony of a student room, were able to draw the audience to the dancefloor with their catchy Klezmer and Gypsy like music. The had set the mood for Jan pak de Leuning as it were. Although JpdL were constantly making fun of the audience, it did not seem to care. Requested songs were brutally ignored and people with free tickets for the concert were still obligated to make huge donations to Build on a Rock. Also, JpdL gave away a great prize of their own, real JpdL toilet paper. But you were ordered to ‘fit’ the paper beforehand. Something a member of the audience blatantly did. After this, the band rocked on with songs from Belle Helene, the Dire Straits, Benny Nijman and Bob Dylan. Even a ‘polonaise’ to ‘het Land van Maas en Waal’ was part of the show. But to rock to Elvis seemed to much: “No, that won’t be possible because im not wearing my sports bra’. The intermezzo on the washboard tie of JanRob and the trumpetsolo of JanDave were awarded with a massive applaud of the audience, as usual.

The reaction of Regardt Krüger after the concert: “The evening was a great success for all parties involved. The attendance of people was less then we had expected but the quality of the performances was exceptionally high. The ‘Jannen’ and the Balcony Players were swinging and all the attendees have enjoyed this fun concert. With entrance fee, sale of drinks, merchandising and donations, the evening has produced a small 1000 euros. An amount for which we are very grateful and it takes us one step closer to our goal.  


Monday  April 12th 2010 10:57

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