Update Xere – augustus 2010

Lately John has been occupied with training local workers to work on the construction of the school. The bushmen are very enthusiastic about building the school but are not familiar with the construction methods. The men and women are just getting started to get used to going to work on time. Also, John told us, they are starting to realize that they don’t have to take the money they earn every day, with them each time but that its ok for them to wait a week or month before receiving their pay.

At the moment, the workers are busy with the foundation of the school. The ground has been made ready for the pouring of the concrete for the floor. The idea is to have this ready for the group of volunteers  that will be arriving mid September.

For the walls, John brings in materials form South Africa. The team of Build on a Rock will help with the building of the walls of the school. To store these materials in order to keep them dry, John is building a hut  next to the school. This will then later be used as playground for the children . The chief of the village has heard about these plans and has asked John to build him such a hut as well after finishing the construction of the school. He and the rest of the inhabitants of the village are pleased and happy about the construction of the school.

The construction follows as was planned. Assuming no big problems will arise, the construction of the school should be finished in December.

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