Rakops pre-school 2006-2009

Halfway 2009, three years after starting the project in Rakops, the pre school has become reality through Build on a Rock. Because of the support and help of many people from the Netherlands, the new school is now a beautiful building which is being used by the children with much gratitude. Social services was very helpful, the allowed us to use the buildings very quickly. We have also established a good relationship with the new social workers which have been moved to our region recently. That was definitely an answer to prayer, according to John Walters, British missionary and manager of the school.

In 2005 Build on a Rock came into contact with John Walters in an extraordinary way. He asked us for support in education. The children in Rakops are behind in education and because of that, many of them are not able to go to primary school and keep up. The problem already starts in a young age when the children are still just toddlers. Together with the missionary couple Jeary, John wanted to expand the possibilities of the existing pre school, in order to prepare the children in a better way for primary school. His plan was to have a school which would be multifunctional and also later on, serve as a community centre.

In 2006, Build on a Rock organised several fund raising events: selling flowers at a fair in Bleskensgraaf, a concert by the band Yadah!, a buffet and an awesome Gospel Night of the Proms in Sporthal de Kuip with the Choir Company and Ben Ketting. The funds were doubled by the NCDO. This was organised in cooperation with Kerkenbedrijf.

After that, a Group of 20 young volunteers went on a trip to Botswana. In Rakops they started the construction of the school. Thanks to gifts from many people from the Netherlands, supplies and tools were locally purchased for construction. John Walters then continued the building with local people and a contractor. This way, also the local employment rate increased.

The plan for the building was meant to take a few years. However, due to inflation the costs of construction doubled. Also John became ill and stayed that way for a long time and had to go back to England for research and tests. Luckily he started to slowly feel better but the construction had been delayed. In Rotterdam and Ridderkerk there were great fund raising events and so the building of the school could continue in Rakops. . In 2008, a few members of the Board went to visit John in Rakops to see the progress of the school. It was nearly finished.

We sent two containers with goods for the school to Rakops at the beginning of 2009. All the goods were unpacked after which the containers were put on the ground. These are now being used as storage place. People were surprised about the amount of goods that went in the two containers. Thanks to the generous gifts from the Netherlands, the school could be decorated in a proper manner, like a computer centre for example.

After finishing the installation of the electricity halfway 2009, the school was ready to be used and the project for the school had come to an end.

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