!Xere pre-school

Deep in the inlands, between the Kalahari wild reserve and the Makgadikgadi salt planes lies the poor and dusty little village of !Xere. This is where the San bushmen live. This group of people live isolated from the rest of the inhabitants of Botswana and are not accepted by them. The San, which is Nomadic of origin, have been moved to !Xere by the government. Many of the San spend their days by drinking alcohol. For the small children there is nowhere else to go. The government of Botswana only provides for primary and middle school. Pre schools are only to be found in the big cities. And when the San children are old enough to go to primary school, they are way behind compared to the rest of the children.

At this moment, it looks like a desperate situation. To help this unfortunate part of the population and to give them a brighter view on the future, we have started building a pre school in !Xere.

The process of obtaining a piece of land takes a long time but after years of waiting, finally we have a piece of ground to build on. The building has already begun and has progressed rapidly.

Please read the latest news in our newsletter or in the visiting of the project last September.

Also for this project we ask for your much appreciated help because without it, the project can simply not be realized. For that reason, please support the building of the school in !Xere financially. Make a donation to account number: 1379 28 106, under reference of ‘Construction !Xere”. Thank you!

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