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The foundation Build on a Rock is active in initiating and supporting small-scale development projects. Within these projects we strive to adapt and to integrate initiatives and ideas of the local population and you as founder of the project, as much as possible. We then act as a supporting organization in devising and executing of the plans. The contribution of Build on a Rock is usually temporarily, because we think it to be important for people to eventually maintain a project independently. 

Build on a Rock does not work for, but with people. The activities we exploit are small-scaled in nature and this controllable. Help is offered where necessary. 

It is astonishing to see how often people are resourceful in creating work. This is also necessary because these matters are not as well arranged in development countries as they are in the Netherlands. Regrettably, “those who do not work, do not eat” is a harsh reality in these countries.

Are you looking for a partner organisation to help you start up a project? Then please fill in the form below and we will contact you.

Please explain what your plans are and what you hope to achieve.

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